Monday, February 3, 2020

Iowa Caucus Live Tweets: Updated Information Minute By Minute


While I tend to like to keep my blog and podcast free from too much political commentary, I figured I might release a bit of a photoblog on the subject of the absolute cluster fuck that is the Iowa Caucuses.

Below is some pertinent information (sources are included in the images themselves, so feel free to follow these folks on Twitter if you like), AND some much needed snark.

You’re welcome, America!

Precinct captains weigh in with consternation and concern...
While results are in their hands, they seem to be having a tough time reporting to the state democratic party...

Even caucus officials are feeling the frustration

Awarding delegates based on a coin toss...?

Apps, phone calls and middle schools gyms ftw! Paper ballots are so passé...

Ah, the good ol’ US of A, where grown adults sit around arguing past midnight in a middle school gym, in order to determine who will get the keys to the nuclear football...

Even the politically savvy have a tough time when it comes to caucuses...

I think we can all agree that this is nerve-racking.

Can anyone relate? 

Shadow, Inc...

Tuesday morning updates: 

Suggestion: we find the cylon resurrection ship and destroy it!

Still no news on who actually won the Iowa Caucus...


12:22pm 2/4/2020: 

Apparently Jeff Weaver of the Bernie Sanders campaign (the only campaign to release numbers just yet) has stated the following: 

Via the CBC:

Curiouser and curiouser...

Shana East, local Chicago celebrity and avid Bernie supporter weighs in from Iowa

Nearly a day after the Iowa Caucus debacle, Shadow, Inc. weigh in on the havoc they have apparently helped to create.


Pete Buttigieg wins by narrow margin

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