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How To Work Productively With A Toxic Person

How To Deal With A Toxic Person In Your Professional Sphere

By: Dominique Miller
(Trinity SS Wellness/Dominique Does Life Podcast&Blog)

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When I studied martial arts,​ I learned a key piece of information, which has really assisted me in building a platform of ​successful action against toxic people and narcissists.
The guiding principle of ​Hapkido​ is to ​never use your power to start fights,​ but to ​end them decisively,​ while ​conserving energy​ for a prolonged conflict, yet planning for a short victory (i.e. expect the best, but plan for the worst).
In essence, we ​use the other party's strength, size, skill and expertise against them​. The good thing about doing this with a ​narcissist​ or other ​toxic person​ is that:
* they ​think​ they have way more expertise than they ac…

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