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Is Being Privileged A Bad Thing?

So many of my clients, listeners, and readers are horrified to discover something I have known about myself for a long, long time--that they, like me, are...gasp...PRIVILEGED!
 The common response to such a charged bit of information is often "what do you mean I'm privileged? I have struggled, after all. I grew up poor/had an abuse relationship/abusive parent/etc." followed by "how dare anyone say I'm privileged?!" followed, as laid out to such wonderful effect by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, to describe the grief of a loved one after someone important to them has died. 
 The stages of grief are as follows: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, and, this tends to be the program that privileged folks follow when they've come nose to nose with an unpleasant fact. First, it's "I can't be privileged," then it's "but I've struggled! How dare anyone call me privileged?" then it's "but I donate my time …

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